How Client’s Describe Art Therapy

“A way to make yourself feel better”

“Dancing with a paint brush”

“A way to understand how you work”

“Like looking into a mirror of who I am on the inside”

“I can tell the paper anything I want to say and it won’t get mad at me”

“It’s very powerful”

“It seems like I’m pouring feelings onto the paper”

“It’s not about being a good drawer”

Client-Artist Images

One way art therapy is NOT art class is that client-artist imagery is highly personal and is protected by HIPPA laws just like medical x-rays. The images displayed here have been shared willingly and with written permission by client-artists who have participated in special projects such as “Art for Life’s Sake: Cancer Survivors” and “Art of the Warrior”

 Art of the Warrior: Art Therapy for Returning Vets

Funded by a grant from Haines and Friends

REcreate REcrear: Open Studio after Community Trauma of Almeda Fire
Art for Life’s Sake: Art Therapy and the Cancer Journey

Funded by a grant from Haines and Friends