Therapy Groups and Classes are available privately and through Southern Oregon University.

Art Therapy Groups are either in an Open Studio format or an Art Psychotherapy format.

In an Open Studio each group member brings their own focus to each meeting. Participants have the guidance of the art therapist, as well as the group members. There is time for non-verbal creative processes as well as verbal sharing and exploring. The group may be focused on the creative process and look very much like an art studio class. However, the focus is on the therapeutic process and facilitating insight and personal growth.

In an art psychotherapy group, there is a specific issue or topic that brings the group members together. For example, a group for adults who have experienced a personal trauma. The group may be more structured and include specific art suggestions for focus.

Agencies may independently contract for a specific art psychotherapy group. For example, a transition group at a prison, a group for domestic violence survivors, a cognitive-behavioral art psychotherapy group for homeless mothers, a group for people living with cancer and so forth.

Please contact me if you would like to have an art therapy group at your organization or if you have a request for a particular focus for a private group.