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If your service organization has or would like to include a creative arts component, it is valuable to have a consultant for guidance and feedback. There is a difference between therapeutic art and art therapy. If your organization offers therapeutic arts for your clients or patients, consultation with a qualified, registered art therapist can help you make the most of your arts program while avoiding the pitfalls of misrepresentation or working outside your staff’s scope of practice. Having a relationship with a consultant also gives you a go-to person when images or events with a client or patient appear troubling or dangerous.

Clinical Supervision

Group: Available to graduate students and graduates who are accumulating hours toward their ATR (art therapist registered). Also available to students and colleagues who are not art therapists, but who are qualified mental health professionals (or grad students in such a program) who use art as a therapeutic modality in their clinical practice.

Individual: Available by appointment for students and colleagues as described above.

Call for rates and appointments: 541-499-5214