Every Day Matters Program!

From Moments To Habits To A Lifetime Of Creative JoyIMG_3114

Imagine yourself consistently producing creative work, joyfully, without guilt, every day.

Stoke your inner creative fire through 6 months of live and virtual spacious guidance, encouragement, and inspiration with 3 legs of support.

Board Certified Art Therapist, Delaine Due will share skills and strategies for dealing with inner critic and other inner challenges that come up along the way. In partnership with the wise and funny Writer, Tracy DeBrincat, who excels at helping people develop a regular creative practice in the midst of a busy life with grace, humor and zero guilt. Patricia Morrison from Inner Fire, Outer Light will assist in creating a supportive, loving and challenging community of fellow creatives stepping into their vision, your community of creative kindred spirits to keep the fire burning brightly all year long.

October 15, 2015 – April 15, 2016

Daily, Weekly and Seasonal support, prompts and structure.

Please contact Inner Fire, Outer Light for more information

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