Cancer Support Group

Art for Life’s Sake: Art Therapy and the Cancer Journey

pplsART A 135Art Therapy Group for adult cancer survivors who are in treatment or who are post-treatment. This group will provide a safe space to communicate the unique experiences of being a cancer survivor through authentic image-making and the art therapy process.

No art experience is necessary. Just bring your Self. Everything else will be provided for you.

Medical art therapy is a long-standing discipline with numerous benefits.

  • pain and symptom management
  • side-effect management
  • increased sense of hope
  • resolve emotional trauma associated with the illness and treatment
  • address grief
  • address changes in body-image
  • aids in decision-making regarding medical treatment
  • provides choice and control
  • gives concrete reflection of physical and emotional experience
  • creativity increases blood flow to the brain
  • provides relaxation

Thursdays 1-3pm

Providence Cancer Center, Medford, OR

No cost to group members.

This is now an ongoing membership group. For information on space availability or if you have questions, contact Delaine Due at 541-499-5214.


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