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Making art and connecting with the creative process is a powerful way to gain insights, offer new perspectives and ultimately effect change and healing. Art is a powerful tool in articulating difficult-to-express feelings and experiences. While the primary goal in art therapy is therapeutic, the creative process (involving a variety of materials such as paint, clay, pastels, collage, etc., ) can give shape and voice to challenging emotional issues, as well as relieve the client of the stress often associated with talk therapy alone.

Art therapists are mental-health professionals trained in the use and application of art for assessment and treatment. Art therapy can offer a calming journey into personal exploration, greater self awareness, clarified values, and focus.

No previous art experience is needed. The process is of equal or greater importance than the end product.


Our mission is to support and guide your creative processes toward healthy and compassionate lives, relationships, and work.

  • Creative process and psychotherapy are natural allies in healing.
  • Art therapy offers open communication between the unconscious and the conscious Self to provide insight and awareness.
  • Compassion and creativity infuse relationships and groups with energy.

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